The Moore Family of Fans

Our high-efficiency axial flow fans set new standards for performance and ease of use. While we offer a range of designs, every fan we deliver gets customized to your unique specifications and needs.

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Class 10000

Our most commonly installed model, you’ll find the Class 10000 in a wide array of applications.

Class 20000 fan undergoes rigorous testing on the outside testing stand
Class 20000

For applications from 24 feet or above, the Moore Class 20000 sets the standard.

Class 1000
Class 1000

The Class 1000 model delivers Moore innovation when a smaller diameter fan is required.

Class 5000 fan installation maintenance for peak performance
Legacy Fans

Find information about the other fans we have produced in our 80+ year history.

Moore Fans AirBrake

Our anti-windmilling device provides added safety and longer life to fan drive systems.

Manufactured Aluminum Components

Nearly all of our fan blades are made from fabricated aluminum in order to achieve a more lightweight, efficient airfoil design than models that rely on fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) or aluminum extrusions. Our blades and hubs are manufactured using lightweight 5052 marine grade aluminum, which provides resistance to salt water corrosion, are labeled non-sparking by the American Society of Metals, and are non-flammable. Aluminum also mitigates the effects of erosion/pitting from sand – all without any special coatings or additional materials.

Class 5000
Precision Adjustments

The engineers at Moore Fans can design and build most fans to any incremental diameter to meet your specific need. Once installed, you can adjust the diameter (up to 1.5 inches) to dial in the perfect level of performance, precisely fitting the fan to suit the fan ring. Blade angles are also adjustable, allowing our fans to achieve optimal performance.

Class 10000 XC

We’re here to help

As your partner in air flow solutions, we’re always at your service. Whether you are facing a new air movement challenge or need service and support, our experts are here to collaborate with you. Our team is part of your team.

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