Enhancing the Longevity & Safety of Axial Flow Fans System

Our AirBrake® anti-windmilling device prevents fans from rotating in the reverse direction, which can damage drive components and provide a hazardous maintenance environment. The AirBrake® will prevent the fan blades from spinning in the reverse direction, avoiding difficult fan start up when the fan is windmilling. This also protects mechanics from potential injury.

Advantages of the AirBrake® 

Simple to install and virtually maintenance free, the AirBrake® sets the standard for anti-windmilling devices. With more than 280 foot-pounds of holding torque (370 Nm), you can trust our proprietary clutch system to keep your staff and structures safe.

  • Manufactured from 6061 marine-grade aluminum alloy
  • Low-profile design fits within most fan guards
  • Can be provided for both left-hand and right-hand operating fans
  • Available for shaft diameters up to 3 inches
  • Bushing adapters designed for belt drive systems that utilize QD® (E, SF, SK, F, and J) bushing sizes
  • Permanently lubricated sprag clutch and bearings prevent the need for future maintenance
  • Max speed of 600 rpm
  • Temperature operating range of –40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C)

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