The Leading Edge of Fan Innovation

Innovation has always been at the core of what we do. Moore Fans was the first company to design and construct fabricated stressed skin fans, the first to utilize resiliently mounted blades, and the only company to provide an ultra-low noise engine-driven fan.

Today, our quest for perfection continues to refine our design and manufacturing processes to provide you with products that are more efficient than ever. We utilize the latest software design tools, manufacture using precision fabrication, then verify our advancements through strain gauge stress studies, life cycle tests and CFD analysis.

Class 10000 EC fan innovations are tested in the Moore Fans Test Center
Manufacturing Capabilities

We custom manufacture every fan to meet our customers' needs using the most appropriate manufacturing processes at every step. From blade forming and dynamic balancing to machining and robotically welding, Moore Fans uses the latest technologies to streamline the process and pass those savings on to our customers.

One of Moore Fans patented innovations is the Resilient Mount design shown with a root seal

Moore Fans has always strived to push the boundaries of fan engineering, a fact proven by more than 15 patents. Over our history, these patents have advanced the efficiency of air flow solutions and reduced noise levels of systems across the globe.

Moore Fans Test Center
Test Facilities

Before any fan is ready to be released for distribution, we stringently analyze it on one of our five test systems that are capable of evaluating diameters from 3 to 34 feet. Our fans are tested for performance, strength and durability before full-scale production.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used by Moore Fans engineers to design the most efficient fans
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD)

In order to supply the most efficient fans, we have to simulate the intricacies of air movement. The engineering team at Moore Fans commands an understanding of fan laws and has a deep knowledge of fluid dynamics.

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As your partner in air flow solutions, we’re always at your service. Whether you are facing a new air movement challenge or need service and support, our experts are here to collaborate with you. Our team is part of your team.

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