Class 10000

Xtra Wide Chord (XC)

For Super-Low Noise Applications

The newest addition to the family, the Class 10000 Xtra Wide Chord (XC), widens the chord of the blade even further, allowing it to provide exceptional performance with even fewer blades than our EC model. With fewer blades and our proprietary XT vortex tips, the Class 10000 XC provides an economical solution in situations where quiet operation is a primary consideration – but not to the point that requires our ultra-quiet MAG fans.

The XC is available in diameters from 7 to 16 feet and is made using our leading-edge manufacturing processes.

Optional Equipment

We custom manufacture all of our fans to suit your specific application. Our optional equipment and services help ensure our fans fit your exact requirements.

Our anti-windmilling device easily installs on the shaft or bushing of your fan drive system to prevent reverse rotation. Maintenance-free and featuring a low-profile design, AirBrake® makes your fans safer to maintain while extending the life of your drive systems.

FRP and Anodized Blades
When specified, we can provide FRP or anodized aluminum blades on select models.

ATEX Certified Tips
In hazardous or potentially explosive atmospheres, our plastic ATEX certified tips ensure safe and spark-free operation.

Root Seals
Riveted onto the root of the blade, the seals prevent water and other contaminants from entering the body of the blade.

Extended Hubs
Extended hubs allow for greater clearance between the fan and drive system, which makes them ideal for installation directly on the motor or gearbox and in a wide range of aftermarket situations.

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