It was as a design and development engineer for J.F. Pritchard and Company of Kansas City in the late 1930s that Robert D. Moore developed a cooling tower fan 11 feet in diameter. At the time, this was the largest commercially available fan in the United States, and the basis for the founding of the Moore Company in 1940.

Around the same time, 1941, The Moore Company once again set the standard for the largest commercial fan available with a 17-foot model. Further product expansion led to rapid growth and Moore was soon called upon to make significant contributions to the United States’ efforts during World War II.

During the post-war construction boom, new oil refineries, chemical process plants, power plants and other industrial facilities created unprecedented market opportunities for Moore Fans. By the end of 1945, Moore Fans incorporated with Robert D. Moore being elected Chairman of the Board and President; positions he would hold until 1973.

A strategic decision to relocate the company was finalized and Moore Fans moved some 100 miles northeast of its Kansas City home to Marceline, Missouri in 1948. The new, modern windowless 15,000 square-foot factory was adequately poised for the future. The facility has expanded four times – to 30,000 square feet in 1976,to 70,000 square feet in 1995, to 100,000 square feet in 2005, and to 130,000 square feet in 2012.  The company further expanded its sales operations by opening an office in Hastings England in 1975.

In 1973, David Moore succeeded his father, becoming president of Moore Fans. He was named Chairman of the Board in 1993, at which time his brother, John Moore, took over as president.

In 2001, The company was reorganized from The Moore Company to Moore Fans LLC which is the current operating name.

David Moore passed away in March 2008 at which time John Moore became President and CEO.

2015 marked the 75th anniversary of the company as a world leader in fan design and manufacturing.

1940 to present day 2015